Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

The program focuses on the role of physical sciences in the protection of the environment and pollution remediation. This interdisciplinary program builds on the strengths of a technological university with strong foundations in basic and social science. Students are exposed to a diverse curriculum that includes chemistry, biology, toxicology, geosciences, waste treatment and regulatory/policy issues. This enables students to acquire the skills needed for solving environmental problems, complying with environmental regulations and finally to be eco-conscious scientists.


The core faculty is multidisciplinary with strengths in chemistry, geology, engineering and biology. Affiliated faculty have strengths in civil/chemical engineering, material science, and environmental policy. Graduates of the program have secured employment in both the public and private sectors including: environmental consulting firms, pharmaceutical/chemical industries, and state/federal regulatory agencies. Graduates have also entered doctoral level programs in environmental science, pursued careers in law and medicine.


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