Materials Science and Engineering

NJIT has also made a major commitment to the development of research in materials science and engineering which, along with environmental science and engineering, is an interdisciplinary field.

The following major research affiliations provide research-facilities to support materials research:

Polymer Processing Institute (PPl)

PPI, headquartered at Stevens Institute of Technology, maintains exceptional polymer research facilities at NAT Among these are: extensive polymer characterization instruments; several extruders, including one with an on-line FrIR spectrophotometer and data acquisition system, and a segmented single-screw extruder with mixing and gas injection capabilities; fiber-spinning, thermoforming, and injection molding equipment. Support for PPI research comes from more than 40 corporate sponsors.

Center for Processing of Plastic Packaging (CPPP)

CPPP maintains a commercial-scale, multilayer extrusion blown film line for research and development activities supported by a number of corporate sponsors.

Microelectronics Research Center (MRC)

MRC, established at NJIT in 1989, has commercial research and development facilities for production of semi-conductor wafers. As with many other centers at NJIT, MRC is also supported by a numberof corporate sponsorships.

Membrane Separations

Excellent facilities also exist for conducting research on membrane separation processes, particularly involving hollow-fiber membranes. Applications include gas-gas, gas-liquid, and solute-liquid separations, as well as combined reaction/separation processes. Support for these activities comes from industrial and federal research grants, the environmental research centers headquartered at NJIT, and the Sponsored Chair in Membrane Separations and Biotechnology.

Additional departmental facilities exist for the study of chemical vapor deposition processes, and surface characterization of semi-conductor materials.