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Board of Overseers Excellence in Research Prize and Medal recipient Somenath Mitra, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of chemistry and environmental science, has made extraordinary and consistent contributions to nanotechnology during his career at NJIT.

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NJIT Innovations - Edgardo Farinas

Edgardo T. Farinas, PhD, is an associate professor in the department of chemistry and environmental science at New Jersey Institute of Technology. The central aim of his research is to develop methodologies and "rules" for enzyme design, and apply these methods to efficiently create novel and practical biocatalysts. His current research interest is in engineering proteins using directed evolution and rational approaches.

His research goals include developing high-throughput screening technologies to assay mutant enzyme libraries to discovery novel biocatalyst; combining rational and directed evolution approaches to create de novo enzymes; metabolic pathway engineering in bacteria; novel protein display technologies; and incorporation of nonnatural amino acids in proteins.

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