About the Department of Chemistry & Environmental Science

NJIT's Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science provides a unique focus for addressing some of today's most pressing environmental and chemical problems. The members of this department have been active in the development of NJIT as a nationally recognized leader in environmental research and hazardous waste treatment.

Additional opportunities for joint research are available with our colleagues at the nearby University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, as well as at the Departments of Biological Sciences and Environmental and Earth Sciences at Rutger's University - Newark, which is adjacent to the NJIT campus.

 The department's research is supported by grants and contracts from industry and government sources, with principal strengths in the areas of molecular modelling, environmental analysis, hazardous waste minimization, biochemical processing, and solid state and polymeric materials.

In addition to refineries and materials processors, New Jersey has the highest concentration of pharmaceutical companies in the nation, providing researchers with many opportunities for working partnerships with industry. Each year New Jerseans derive more than $5 billion in income from the chemical process industries (CPI), ranking the state first in the nation in that category.