Course Syllabi


Chemistry 121-Fund of Chemical Principles I

Chemistry 122-Fund of Chemical Principles II

Chemistry 124-General Chemistry Lab

Chemistry 124honors-General Chemistry lab124honors-General Chemistry lab

Chemistry 125-General Chemistry I

Chemistry 125A-General Chemistry Lab I125A-General Chemistry Lab I

Chemistry 126-General Chemistry II\

Chemistry 222-Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry 231-Physcial Chemistry I

Chemistry 235A-Physical Chemistry Lab II

Chemistry 236-Physical Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

Chemistry 238-Analyt/Organic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

Chemistry 243-Organic Chemistry I

Chemistry 244-Organic Chemistry II

Chemistry 244A-Organic Chemistry II Lab

Chemistry 245-Organic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

Chemistry 301-Chemical Technology

Chemistry 336-Physical Chemistry III

Chemistry 339-Analyt/Physical Chemistry lab for Chemical Engineers

Chemistry 360-Environmental Chemistry I

Chemistry 361-Environmental Chemistry II

Chemistry 412-Inorganic Reactns & Processes

Chemistry 437&737-Application of Molecular Modeling

Chemistry 473-Biochemistry

Chemistry 475-Biochemistry Lab I

Chemistry 480-Instrumentation Analysis Lab

Chemistry 491 & 492-Research and Independent Study I

Chemistry 605-Advanced Organic Chemistry: STRUCTR

Chemistry 610-Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry 661-Instrumentation Analysis Lab

Chemistry 673-Biochemistry

Chemistry 700B-Masters Project

Chemistry 714-Pharmaceutical Analysis

Chemistry 725-Independent Study I

Chemistry 777-Principles Medicinal Chemistry

EPS 202-Society, Technology and Environment

EVSC 125-Fundamentals of Environmental Science

EVSC 375-Environmental Biology

EVSC 715-Energy and Sustainability