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William Skawinski

Skawinski, William
, Chem. Env. Sci
323A Tiernan
About Me

  • PhD, Rutgers University, Newark
  • MS, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Research Interests
  • Characterization of interactions between biological macromolecules (proteins and nucleic acids), and small ligand molecules, such as drugs and toxins.
  • Application of spectroscopic and computational techniques to the investigation of intermolecular interactions.
  • Identification of structural features of molecules responsible for biological activity.
  • Application of rapid prototyping techniques for the construction of unique molecular models designed as research and teaching tools.
Selected Publications
  • "Conformational Analysis of Methylphenidate: Comparison of Molecular Orbital and Molecular Mechanics Methods", K.M. Gilbert, W.J. Skawinski, M. Misra, K.A. Paris, N.H. Naik, R.A. Buono, H.M. Deutsch, and C.A. Venanzi, Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, 18, 719-738 (2004).
  • "A Molecular Orbital Study of Tambjamine E", W.J. Skawinski, T.J. Venanzi, and C.A. Venanzi, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108, 4542-4550 (2004).
  • "1H and 13C NMR Structural Studies of Amiloride in Cryosolvents", W.J. Skawinski, A. Ofsievich, and C.A. Venanzi, Structural Chemistry, 13, 73-80 (2002).
  • “Nature of Intercalator Amiloride-Nucleobase Stacking. An Empirical Potential and Ab Initio Electron Correlation Study”, D. Bondarev, W.J. Skawinski, and C.A. Venanzi, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 104, 815-822 (2000).
  • "Molecular Models by Laser Stereolithography", C.A. Venanzi, W.J. Skawinski, and A.D. Ofsievich, in Physical Supramolecular Chemistry, L. Echegoyen and A. Kaifer, Eds., Kluwer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1996, pp.127-142.
  • "From Maps to Models: A Concerted Computational Approach to Analysis of the Structure-Activity Relationships of Amiloride Analogues", C.A. Venanzi, R.A. Buono, W.J. Skawinski, T.J. Busanic, T.J. Venanzi, R.J. Zauhar, and V.B. Luzhkov, in: Computer-Aided Design of Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Materials, C.H. Reynolds, M.K. Holloway and H.K. Cox, Eds., ACS Symposium Series 589, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., 1995, pp. 51-63.
  • "The Application of Stereolithography to the Fabrication of Accurate Molecular Models", W.J. Skawinski, T.J. Busanic, A.D. Ofsievich, T.J. Venanzi, V.B. Luzhkov, and C.A. Venanzi, Journal of Molecular Graphics, 13, 126-135 (1995).
  • "Computer Modeling of Phenyl Acetate Hydrolysis in Water and in Reaction with ß-Cyclodextrin: Molecular Orbital Calculations with the Semiempirical AM1 Method and the Langevin Dipole Solvent Model", V.B. Luzhkov and C.A. Venanzi, Journal of Physical Chemistry, 99, 2312-2323 (1995).
  • "The Use of Laser Stereolithography to Produce Three-Dimensional Tactile Molecular Models for Blind and Visually-Impaired Scientists and Students", W.J. Skawinski, T.J. Busanic, A.D. Ofsievich, T.J. Venanzi, V.B. Luzhkov, and C.A. Venanzi, Information Technology and Disabilities, 1, no. 4, article 6, 1994.
  • “Labelling of tyrosines in proteins with [15N]tetranitromethane, a new NMR reporter for nitrotyrosines”, W.J. Skawinski, F. Adebodun, J.T. Cheng, F. Jordan, and R. Mendelsohn, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1162, 297-308 (1993).
  • “Preparation of [15N]-labelled Tetranitromethane C(15NO2)4”, W.J. Skawinski, J. Flisak, A.C. Chung, F. Jordan, and R. Mendelsohn, Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 28, 1179-1183 (1990).
  • “Hearing is Believing: The Modified Spectroscope”, L.V. Hinchliffe and W.J. Skawinski, The Science Teacher, 50, 53-55 (1983).