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CES Research Day

November 16, 2022, 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Agile Strategy Lab, Central King Building, 100 Summit St, Newark

Keynote Lecturer: Prof. Omar K. Farha

(Northwestern University | Co-founder and president of NuMat Technologies)

Title: Myths versus Reality: Smart and Programmable Sponges, from Basic Science to Implementation and Commercialization




Best science job in 2017 was a Biochemist

Source: US News & World Report


average salary of an employee with Chemistry in their title

Source: Food & Drug Administration

Our program addresses today's pressing environmental and chemical problems.

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John  Antley

“The Chemistry and Environmental Science department has dutifully prepared me for a career in industry.”

John Antley
Class of 2020

Anjali  Sharma

“Doing master's in Pharmaceutical Chemistry was a great choice for my career.”

Anjali Sharma
Class of 2018

Nicole  Andanar

“My Biochemistry degree has provided numerous opportunities for work and research in related fields.”

Nicole Andanar
Class of 2018