CES Committee Structure

New Chemistry & Environmental Science Committee Structure – October 2023

  1. Undergraduate Committee:

This committee includes the following responsibilities:

  • All undergraduate program concerns include curricula, catalog entries, and new or updated classes
  • Accreditation support of undergraduate programs – ACS, FEPAC
  • Working with the Laboratory & Safety Committee for all undergraduate labs
  • Subject areas: Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

Members:  Bhavani Balasubramanian (Chair), Michael Bonchonsky, David Fisher, Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Zeyuan Qiu

*First-Year Chemistry Subcommittee*

This subcommittee is under the direction of the Undergraduate Committee; however, meetings are held separately.  The main purpose is to plan and execute the general chemistry courses Chem 121, Chem 122, Chem 125, and Chem 126, including online homework, Common Exams, and Final Exams.  The Chair will update the Undergraduate Committee on the activities of the First-Year Chemistry Subcommittee as necessary.

Members:  Bhavani Balasubramanian (Chair), Christopher DeSantis

  1. Graduate Committee:

This committee includes the following responsibilities:

  • All graduate program concerns include curricula and catalog entries
  • Review graduate applications
  • Provide recommendations for the Teaching Assistant program
  • Review and update the graduate seminar program

Members: Mengyan Li (Director of Graduate Studies), Kevin Belfield, Edgardo Farinas, Somenath Mitra, Farnaz Shakib, Lijie Zhang, Michael Eberhart, Genoa Warner, Sara Casado Zapico, Omowunmi Sadik (guest)

Chem/Biochem Subcommittee

Members: Mengyan Li, Edgardo Farinas, Genoa Warner, Farnaz Shakib, Michael Eberhart

Physical Chemistry Subcommittee

Members: Mieke Peels

EVSC Subcommittee

Members: Mengyan Li, Somenath Mitra,

Lijie Zhang

FRSC Subcommittee

Members: Bhavani Balasubramanian, Hao Chen, Sara Casado Zapico, Omowunmi Sadik

Pharma Chem Subcommittee

Members: Kevin Belfield, Patrick DePaolo

Student Progress Subcommittee

Members: Edgardo Farinas, Mengyan Li, Genoa Warner

Recruitment/Seminar Subcommittee

Members: Mengyan Li (Chair), Farnaz Shakib, Michael Eberhart

  1. Laboratory & Safety Committee:

This committee includes the following responsibilities:

  • Lab safety policies and compliance, ACS Safety Exam
  • Equipment, supply, and chemical inventory review and purchasing proposals
  • Works on proposals for changing or instituting new lab classes
  • Review and suggest changes to lab manuals

Members:  Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain (Chair), Pier Alexandre Champagne, Hao Chen, David Fisher, Pin Gu, Carlos Pacheco, X Meng

  1. Outreach Committee:

This committee includes the following responsibilities:

  • Attend/encourage attendance to NJIT recruiting events – Open Houses etc.
  • Prepare presentation materials and experimental demos for Open Houses etc.
  • Review and improve the CES website
  • Identify and pursue outreach opportunities to recruit high-quality student applicants to our majors.  
  • Plan and execute events such as the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics and forensic science events

Members: Alexei Khalizov (Chair), David Fisher, Bhavani Balasubramanian, Michael Bonchonsky, Pier Alexandre Champagne, Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Mengyan Li, Sara Casado Zapico, X Meng

  1. Strategic Planning Committee:

The Strategic Planning Committee will work on a draft plan for the next five years for our Department.

  • Assessment of CES history – data collection
  • Assessment of peer and goal institutions
  • Creation and update of CES draft Strategic Plan
  • Act as a resource to field ideas and explore ways to improve

Members:  Omowunmi Sadik (Chair), Somenath Mitra, Bhavani Balasubramanian, Edgardo Farinas, Pier Alexandre Champagne, Alexei Khalizov, John Krane, Michael Eberhart

  1. CES Committee on Lecturers:

  Per the Provost’s website:  

  • Conducts searches for open Lecturer positions
  • Reviews Lecturers hired after July 1 of the new academic year prior to their renewal for a second-year term
  • Conducts annual reviews of each Lecturer (Senior Lecturer on the committee is recused from self-evaluation)
  • Reviews dossiers of ULs applying for promotion to SUL

Members:  Yuanwei Zhang, Michael Eberhart, Carlos Pacheco (Chair)

  1. Awards Committee (updated September 2020)

Received nominations for CSLA awards and represents the Department at the College level.

Members:  Yuanwei Zhang (Chair), Michael Bonchonsky, Michael Eberhart

  1. Promotion & Tenure Committee (updated September 2020)

Members:   Omowunmi Sadik (Chair), Somenath Mitra, Edgardo Farinas, Zeyuan Qiu, Hao Chen, Alexei Khalizov, Mengyan Li

  1. New Jersey Chemistry Olympics Committee

Members: Carlos Pacheco (Chair), Alexei Khalizov, Genti Price, John Krane, Kevin Koh, Mieke Peels


Department positions:

Graduate Seminars

Sara Casado Zapico

PSA Representative

Pier Alexandre Champagne (2024)

Faculty Senate

Edgardo Farinas

Distinguished Professor Review Subcommittee

Omowunmi Sadik