MS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The pharmaceutical industry is a major employer of chemists, employing over 20% of graduates with BS, MS, and PhD’s in chemistry.  Pharmaceutical companies need employees with strong skills in modern chemical techniques, as well as a good understanding of issues such as drug action, drug design, and drug development.

The MS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry will provide advanced graduate training to students interested in the pharmaceutical and health sciences.  The program will train students in quantitative methods that will prepare them for careers in the health sciences and pharmaceutical areas. This is especially relevant to the large pharmaceutical industry in New Jersey, as New Jersey has a high concentration of medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and biotechnology industries with a related demand for a talented workforce.

The NJIT program draws on the strength of the well-established NJIT Pharmaceutical Engineering (PHEN) masters degree program to provide one core and three elective courses. The proposed MS program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is complementary to the Pharmaceutical Engineering masters program because it emphasizes the applied science and molecular-level basis of drug design as opposed to the engineering emphasis on design, scale-up, and operations of pharmaceutical facilities.

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