Undergraduate Majors and Minors


BS in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry prepares students for careers in industry and for entry to graduate school or professional schools in areas of chemistry, medicine, dentistry or law. The program includes solid emphasis on laboratory skills, scientific principles and mathematics in practical, industrially-oriented areas of chemistry. Students can specialize or explore a particular area of chemistry or prepare for an advanced degree by selecting from a wide range of technical electives. View the full curriculum.

BS in Environmental Science

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science major  is an interdisciplinary program among the NJIT Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science, the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Rutgers-Newark, and the NJIT and Rutgers Federated Biological Sciences Department. The program provides students with a strong background in science and fundamentals as they relate to the environment. View the full curriculm.

BS in Biochemistry

Students in the Biochemistry program will learn theoretical fundamentals and laboratory skills necessary to understand the chemistry of life processes. Students will be exposed to current biotechnology and biologic topics: genetic engineering, molecular biology, enzymology, and microbiology. View the full curriculm.