Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Biotechnology Option

NJIT is uniquely situated among the greatest concentration of biotechnology and pharmaceutical activities in the world, with over 400 private and public biopharmaceutical companies thriving around the NJ Area. Opportunity is right outside our door. The mission of NJIT’s professional Biotechnology option in the M.S. Pharmaceutical Chemistry program is to prepare scientists and engineers for dynamic careers in biopharmaceutical industry. The program will focus on providing integrated coursework and training in current biotechnology industry practices. Our approach, relying on the input of our industrial advisory board, will ensure that our program will keep students up-to-date on the latest biotechnology industry changes and challenges and prepare them to work in this growing and exciting industry. NJIT’s professional Biotechnology program will provide a solid grounding in science and engineering, with an industry focus, facilitating the tailoring of coursework to meet individual career goals.

Who Should Enroll?

If you have a B.S. degree in the chemical or biological sciences or engineering and seek a career or are employed in the biopharmaceutical industry, this program is for you.

How can I learn more?

Biotechnology graduate brochure
Admission criteria for the Master of Science
Curriculum (forthcoming)

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